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Dr. Sohail A. Malik Qureshi

Professor Dr Sohail A. Malik Qureshi completed his MBBS in 1982 from Liaqat Medical College, Jamshoro.

Quay thử xổ số miền nam hôm nayHe has acquired both DLO and FCPS qualifications and has also worked in JPMC, Kuwait and Isra University. He is currently working as a Professor and Head of ENT and head neck surgery at Indus Medical University of Modern Sciences.

He is able to do all routine ENT surgeries along with endoscopic sinus and ear surgeries. He has experience of performing cancer surgery in head neck region as well.






Prof. Dr. Sohail Malik Qureshi
Prof. Dr. Sohail Malik Qureshi

(+9221) 358 62 301 to 03
(+9221) 353 740 72-5