Dr.Afshan Bano

Quay thử xổ số miền nam hôm nayDr. Afshan Bano is a consultant gynaecologist at South City Hospital. She started her career at the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, the largest public sector hospital in Karachi.

Quay thử xổ số miền nam hôm nayShe acquired her MCPS training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology before moving to Saudi Arabia, where she was employed as a specialist.

Upon her return, Dr. Afshan completed her FCPS and worked at Civil Hospital in Karachi. During this period, she learned more about obstetrics, gynaecology, subfertility and the management of high-risk pregnancy as well.   

Her areas of interest include infertility, polycystic ovaries, menstrual anomalies, benign tumors and complicated pregnancies. Comprehensive care and commitment are the cornerstones of her practice.






Dr Rukhsana Mughal
Dr.Afshan Bano
Consultant Obstetrician

Tuesday & Thursday
3pm to 6pm

(+9221) 111-724-000