Certificate of Membership

south city hospital karachi pakistan certificate

Excellent trauma care relies on an optimally functioning trauma system. It requires a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to the care of the victim. The ATS provides critical information on trauma to its members, to policy makers, and to the public, all while supporting the needs of families. It is a strong supporter of injury prevention, creating and producing programs in an effort to reduce the impact of morbidity and mortality on the nation.

The members of the ATS are the critical players in trauma care. ATS works with its members to insure that they are the best informed and the best prepared to provide unsurpassed medical care in their communities. South City Hospital since over a decade has aimed at providing state of the art services to the community, and becoming member of the American Trauma Society is one way to provide the required service for trauma victims, while remaining updated with new modalities and methodologies in this rapidly changing field.

South City Hospital, is the only private health care facility in Pakistan to have taken this initiative and has provided the required manpower, equipment, material to achieve the goal.

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